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Does Your Chiropractic Care Consist of this After a Car Accident?

In this video, Dr. Sergey explains the noteworthy chiropractic procedures your chiropractor must follow after your car accident. At Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness, our main goal is to get you from Point A to Point Fixed. As a result we intend on making the entire process a smooth one. We understand how stressful a car accident can be and these steps will help you protect yourself physically and mentally.

The first step is documentation. Let your chiropractor be your quarterback. Provide them with all the essential documents including pictures, insurance documents, etc. This can be helpful because everything gets backed up on the electronic records system and can be available to you in the future.

Finally, the most important step is your treatment. Your chiropractor should run you through an evaluation that sets up a treatment plan to get you fixed. This is usually a conducted with you, your chiropractor, and other medical professionals like your doctor, acupuncturist, etc. Above all, our goal is to have you pain free and back to full health!

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