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Bulging Disc Relief

Relief from Bulging Disc Pain through Chiropractic Treatment

Have you ever experienced debilitating back pain?  It can be excruciating and rob you of life’s joy, but there may be relief without invasive surgery or endless pain medications.  You may be suffering from a bulging disc and with gentle spinal manipulation, massage, exercise, and nutritional counseling there is an excellent chance that you can relieve the pain and enjoy a comfortable future.

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What is a Bulging Disc?

Your spine has concentric rings or discs of a cartilage-type substance between each of the vertebrae that cushion and lubricate your spinal column making it comfortable to move and bend and to prevent the bone from grinding together.  When one the vertebral discs begins to protrude past the outer edges of the vertebra it is more likely that nerves or tissue may become inflamed and painful.  

Bulging discs are quite common and often remain asymptomatic.  However, following an injury or as part of the normal aging process, they can become irritated and cause numbness and tingling in your extremities or back and eventually pain.  Left untreated, these painful discs can herniate creating an even more agonizing situation.


What are the Symptoms?

There are a wide range of symptoms that indicate a bulging or inflamed disc and because the bulging disc creates pressure points on nearby nerves, it can create a range of sensations including:

  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Mild to significant tingling and numbness located: 
    • In the hands, arms, and shoulders with an affected disc that is located higher up the spinal column 
    • In the feet and legs for discs located in the more common lumbar or lower back area
  • Muscle weakness or spasms
  • Overactive reflexes

People who have led a sedentary life, been smokers, or worked in a profession that requires a lot of heavy lifting may be more at risk for the deterioration that leads to bulging disc pain.  Left untreated, a bulging disc can eventually herniate which causes increased pain and inflammation, so it is best to seek help early once pain has become problematic.


Chiropractic Treatment for a Bulging Disc in Mill Creek

Patients in the Snohomish community that are seeking a natural and non-invasive solution should be evaluated by an experienced chiropractor skilled in assessing a holistic treatment plan that would include a combination of the following based on the patient’s needs:

  • Gentle spinal manipulation and realignment
  • Custom-fitted lumbar brace for support at home or work
  • Soothing massage therapy 
  • Nutritional and supplemental guidance focused on healthy eating habits and weight loss (if appropriate)
  • Guidance in ergonomic solutions and exercise options
  • Custom-made orthotics to provide foundational support going forward

Chiropractic treatment can be a gentle and effective solution for bulging disc-related back pain and can help the patient avoid the disc herniating, causing a significant increase in symptoms.  Should the initial evaluation determine that the patient needs more extensive treatment, they would be referred to an experienced medical doctor for follow up.  

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