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Neck Pain in Mill Creek

Neck Pain in Mill Creek 

Are you suffering from neck pain in Mill Creek? Much of the suffering from the upper back region, including your neck, happens on the job. Up to 40% of work injuries are to the neck, arm, shoulder and back. That may be, you say, but I’m too young to suffer from neck or back pain. Maybe not. Two-thirds of all back problems occur to people under 30. Surprising, isn’t it?


While some experience neck pain just in their neck, for some it sometimes it spreads, leading to headaches and stiffness. With neck pain, some people may feel a “kink” in their neck or upper back, or a shooting pain in the shoulder or arm. Sometimes, they’ll notice restricted movement in these regions doing the simplest of tasks, such as putting on a coat or brushing their hair. They may even feel a loss of strength in their arm. Or starting to lose their grip! A burning, tingling or numbing sensation may be felt in the area in question. After the back, the second most common complaint is neck pain. The neck is very vulnerable to stresses and strains and often reacts violently to seemingly insignificant accidents or falls. While the neck is hurting, you may want to protect it by hindering its movement but “stopping the neck from moving when you have neck pain is probably one of the worst things you can do,” Dr. Kochelayev says. “If you have a sore neck, certainly don’t push through pain, but work within your comfortable movement pattern”. 

What can cause these ailments you may ask? For the neck these can be bad or rigid posture, muscle weakness, arthritis, accidents (whiplash), nervous tension, “pinched nerve” and/or bad work habits. While for the upper back, these can be spinal dysfunction, stresses at work, injuries, disease, posture defects and/or problems from arthritis. 

If you are experiencing any symptoms explained here and would like to know more, please  call 425-737-5343 to make an appointment and we will be happy to answer all of your questions! 


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