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Suffering from SI Joint pain or Sacroiliac Pain?

Those who suffer from Sacroiliac pain will know how difficult it can be to manage and how much it can hinder both their movements and affect their daily lives.

What is the Sacroiliac joint?

Sacroiliac joints are located between the sacrum and ilium bones. It connects the spine to the hips. The joint is supported by a collection of strong ligaments. It allows sufficient motion during walking and performing any movement. It gives the pelvis some flexibility while maintaining its strength.

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Any injury or damage to the joint can cause sacroiliac pain, which ranges from mild to severe depending on the extent and cause of the injury.

The most common cause of SI joint pain is degenerative arthritis, otherwise called Osteoarthritis. Other causes are pregnancy, traumatic injury, infection and more.

The pain is usually felt in your buttocks and lower back and can often extend down one leg or even both legs. It can also affect the groin area and feet.

You may feel extreme pain when standing and walking but the pain eases when lying down. The pain is also sometimes accompanied by some stiffness and burning sensation, which is due to inflammation and arthritis in the SI joint.

How can chiropractic help Sacroiliac pain?

Up to 30% of lower back pain cases are caused by the sacroiliac joint. Although it’s common in young and middle-aged women, it can happen to anyone.

Pregnant women or those who recently gave birth are more susceptible to SI joint pain. Fortunately, this kind of pain can be alleviated with the help of chiropractic treatment and procedures.

Chiropractic treatment is designed to relieve your pain or any inflammation that is present within the joint. It also helps you gain your mobility back.

Through a combination of spinal manipulations, a Chiropractor can make sufficient adjustments to SI joints to both relieve pain and provide some correction to the joints. A plan for better health and exercise will then be drawn up to help with further healing and preventative care.

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