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Custom Orthotics in Mill Creek

Why Orthotics?

Just as nutrition and spinal alignment play a critical role in your health, so do your feet. Your feet are the foundation for a healthy posture. If, for example, the arches in one or both of your feet collapse (‘flat feet’), your body won’t have the correct postural support it needs. Orthotics, along with your doctor’s adjustments, work to help keep your entire body in proper alignment.

Remember the lyrics to the old song? “The foot bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone is connected to the hip bone, and the hip bone is connected to your back bone” (spine). Even if your feet don’t hurt, a compromised foundation can seriously impact the health of the rest of your body. So if you currently suffer knee, hip, low back or neck pain, the reason may be that your feet are not supporting your joints, bones, or soft tissues above the ankle properly. This lack of support can lead to stress and pain in other parts of your body. If you experience pain in any of the areas mentioned above, ask your chiropractor if your feet could be a contributing factor.

custom orthotics in Mill Creek diagram at amazing life chiropractic
custom orthotics in Mill Creek at amazing life chiropractic

Custom Made Orthotics in Mill Creek

We custom make our orthotics are for your feet. A foam cast or a computerized technique is used to make the impression of your foot. Then we send the cast to a specialized laboratory to fabricate the orthotic. They make the orthotics from a soft or semi-rigid plastic material to address your specific needs in the best way possible.

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Custom Orthotics in Mill Creek for New Patients


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