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All cancellations must be done 24 hours in advance in order to give your spot to someone else in need.*


It is your decision if you wish to be accompanied by a relative or friend during your consultation. But please bare in mind that some of the questions that are asked might be uncomfortable.

Unsure how to mark pain in multiple regions on the Initial Intake Form? Please watch this helpful tutorial.

What to expect during your first visit:

Similar to a visit to your Medical Doctor, a Doctor of Chiropractic will initially begin the consult with a review of your chief complaints, medical history and family health history. Once the Doctor has gathered the information necessary, he will conduct a series of orthopedic and neurologic exams verifying the cause of the problem(s). If warranted he may refer you for additional imaging or laboratory work. Based on the findings the Doctor will explain the diagnosis and propose a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.

What does a Doctor of Chiropractic do?

The chiropractic profession is all about serving others to improve their health. Chiropractors take a natural, preventative approach to health care, without the invasive use of drugs or surgery, helping people achieve good health and function at their optimum capacity.

Doctors of Chiropractic pays particular attention to the spine/joints and how compromises (called subluxations) can interfere with function and the body’s ability to self-regulate and heal. By restoring proper joint movement and nerve function, chiropractors help people enjoy more of their full potential for health and optimal performance.

As part of the treatment plan, the Doctor will use a variety of approaches such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustment (describe)
  • Soft Tissue stretching and strengthening
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Healthy habits
  • Occupational modifications
  • Lifestyle modifications

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