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Does Chiropractic Treatment Really Work?

So you’ve heard a lot about it, but you really aren’t sure what chiropractic treatment does or if it actually works?  Don’t worry…you’re not alone!  Lot’s of people have preconceived ideas of what they THINK chiropractic treatment involves, but upon investigation, they often find out that it’s wrong.

Let us explain chiropractic treatment in Mill Creek and answer some of our most frequently asked questions.

What Exactly is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic treatment and care is based on the idea that your body is an integrated, holistic system.  When there is a physical compromise (a subluxation), it can interfere with how your body functions as well as your ability to self-heal.  Through spinal manipulation and hands-on alternative treatments, a chiropractor works to properly align your body’s musculoskeletal structure, focusing on the spine, to restore your body to health and wellness.

Because of the comprehensive nature of chiropractic treatment, they also advise and counsel patients on nutrition, beneficial supplements, exercise programs, weight loss programs, occupational modifications, trigger point therapy, and orthotic footwear that aims to support you foundationally for a healthy posture.

Is it Safe?

Yes, chiropractic care and spinal manipulation are generally considered safe and effective.  It’s a non-invasive and natural alternative to traditional medicine and prompts the body to heal itself without medications or surgeries.  Through manipulation, chiropractors work to alleviate pain, restore proper alignment, and increase range of motion.

Is a Chiropractor the Same as a Medical Doctor?

No.  Similar to medical doctors, chiropractors attend four years of undergraduate school and four years of advanced chiropractic college.  Like medical doctors, they are licensed to practice and meet or exceed annual continuing medical education requirements.

Chiropractors often work with medical doctors who refer patients that have suffered acute injuries (such as in a car accident) or have long-term pain issues of the back and spine.

Is Chiropractic Care Covered by Insurance?

Yes, chiropractic treatment in Mill Valley is covered by most health insurance plans, as well as workers’ compensation, Medicare and certain Medicaid plans.

Is it Safe?

Yes, chiropractic adjustments and treatment are safe when performed by licensed professionals who have undergone extensive education and clinical review.  Serious complications are exceedingly rare.

Some people experience something  men trapped or locked in the body and are being cleansed.  Common symptoms may include cold or flu-like symptoms, fatigue, headache, fever, or night sweats.  These symptoms resolve quickly, but if for any reason they don’t – contact your chiropractor for follow up.

How Often Should I Go See the Chiropractor?

Once you establish care with someone, they will advise you on the optimal number of visits.  For acute injuries and significant problems, treatments may be prescribed several times per week.  If you are healthy and just interested in feeling good and catching minor misalignment, your chiropractor may want to see once a month or quarter based on your agreed upon end goals.

More than 22 Million Americans visited chiropractors last year alone and many of those established a long-term care relationship where their chiropractor became a lifetime partner in their health, nutrition, and general well-being.  At Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness, it’s our mission to help you have an amazing and healthy life!

We’re pleased that you expressed your curiosity and invite you to stop by Amazing Life Chiropractic and Wellness in North Creek/Mill Creek for more information on chiropractic treatment.

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