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Auto Accident Injury
Chiropractic Treatment

chiropractic therapy

Whiplash – Most Common Auto Accident Injury

Most people who experience whiplash will recover in the first three to five months. In some people, the chronic pain can be traced to damage in the joints, disks and ligaments of the neck possibly up to two years after the injury occurred.

Low Back Pain / Sciatica

Other patients following a car accident may experience pain down the back and into their legs. This is known as Sciatica. Sciatica is best described as pain that starts low in the back, and shoots into the buttocks and then to the legs and into the foot. The pain can feel like electric shocks running inside your body. Specific orthopedic tests must be performed to distinguish between sciatica and other nerve injuries. Doctors of chiropractic can help distinguish the injury and recommend proper care.

chiropractic therapy

While our vehicles are designed to crumple upon impact, but our bodies are not. Soft tissue structures inside our bodies are not designed for that magnitude of impact, so future complications are very common with auto accident injuries. Chiropractic treatment can help alleviate pain symptoms.

What to do After an Auto Accident

Immediately following a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) a detailed examination must be performed to document any loss of function, which is critical should there be a potential legal action. For example, a loss of range of motion in the cervical spine (neck) without symptoms may be the first sign of joint damage and future complications. Sometimes, weeks or months may pass after the MVA before symptoms appear.

Don’t be fooled, Low Speed/Impact Accidents create injuries too!

This is why you should ALWAYS get checked by a medical or chiropractic provider who understands the necessary examination required to find these hidden problematic areas before they cause too much pain. At Amazing Life Chiropractic & Wellness, the doctors of chiropractic are knowledgeable in assisting these kinds of patients!

Some of the common conditions seen after auto accidents are Whiplash, Low Back Pain/Sciatica and decrease in Function.

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